GHG-201: Establishing GHG Reduction Goals & Management Structures

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GHG-201: Establishing GHG Reduction Goals & Management Structures

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Recommended Exam Prep Course (Climate Science & Vulnerability Assessment)

This course guides participants through the process steps required to establish and implement a GHG reduction goal. The instructors will provide brief case studies highlighting how their respective organizations adapted process elements to meet their business objectives. Key questions that will be addressed include determining objectives, establishing a baseline, establishing a business as usual forecast, setting GHG reduction targets, selling to senior management, and how to devise a viable implementation plan. The instructors will also provide direction on applicable tools and references, and they will lead discussion on how to overcome some of the most challenging obstacles.

Learning Objectives

  • Determining GHG management objectives, baselines, and ‘aggressiveness’ benchmarks
  • Forecasting business as usual emissions and setting reduction targets
  • Selling reduction targets and management goals to management
  • Communicating goals and progress internally and externally
  • Developing and implementing an initiative for reduction goals
  • Identifying the right approach for an organization
  • Understanding the methods available for developing targets
  • Engaging in peer benchmarking/comparison as well as best practices
  • Examining the structure of reduction goals (absolute vs. intensity, etc.)
  • Understanding the inter-annual variability in emissions and how it affects goal parameters