Economics-101: The Economics of Climate Change

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Economics-101: The Economics of Climate Change

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Recommended Exam Prep Course (Materiality, Risk Management & Economics)

Climate change is already having profound effects on world economies. Disruptions and costs associated with extreme events, sea level rise, heat waves, ecological degradation and resource scarcity will only increase as global warming progresses, and far outweigh any short term costs of meaningful climate action. In this Bootcamp, instructors will lay out the basic economic argument for businesses and governments to tackle climate change mitigation and adaptation, and show such action can safeguard the stability of our societies in generations to come.

Learning Objectives

  • Fundamentals of economic theories and concepts
  • Climate change impacts on global economies and markets
  • Quantifying disruptions and costs associated with climate change, climate variability and extreme events
  • Accounting for the economics and future prices of energy, water, air, and other natural resources
  • Cost/benefit analysis of climate action (or inaction)
  • Leveraging microeconomic tools
  • Collecting and integrating information from a variety of sources