Topic 7: Wildcards – Other ideas we have on how the Compact can add value

1. The State of Colorado requires all cities and counties to incorporate climate change into hazard mitigation plans.  Would you like the Compact to work with the state to develop workshops and related support to member communities?

Comments from the launch event:

  • This is a valuable resource.
  • This may be onerous for small communities and too much ‘big brother’

2. ACCO is launching a series of climate-centric leadership development programs separate from, but building upon existing curriculum.  Would members be interested in participating in a Colorado workshop that would be open to the broader public?

Comments from the launch event:

  • Focus on economic and social value

3. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is assessing climate preparedness capabilities in critical infrastructure sectors.  Would members be interested in providing input into a process that serves to inform policies that DHS might promulgate (and related resources)? Would members want to engage with other agencies to inform similar policies?

Comments from the launch event:

  • Include CDOT; they are already doing a study on this

4. Would members of the Compact be interested in aggregating interests on a renewable energy project to reduce the costs and risks of participation in the project?

Comments from the launch event:

  • Could help lower costs and expand opportunities

5. How can the Compact effectively incorporate non-profits, higher education institutions and the private sector into its efforts?

6. Other ways the Compact can help you?