Topic 2: Governance & Staffing

1. Signatories of the Compact must be elected officials or have executive authority to represent their city/county.

2. How often should the elected officials/signatories meet?

  • Annually at a broader convening of the Compact

  • Annually at a separate meeting

  • Twice a year at a separate meeting

3. The Compact needs a steering committee to oversee its activities and benchmark progress. Who should serve on the steering committee?

  • A senior staff member from every organization

  • A senior staff member from every organization with a designated back up

  • A smaller group comprised of senior staff members from a subset of member communities

  • Should there be a rotation and term limit on steering committee seats?

  • The steering committee should meet virtually on a monthly basis in the first year, and will move to bimonthly basis subsequently.

4. The Compact’s activities will be initially administered by ACCO, who will involve and contract third-party organizations as appropriate.

5. Committees and working groups will be established as appropriate to work upon key themes, priorities and projects.

  • Committees and working groups will self-determine frequency and duration of their interaction(s).