Topic 6: Funding

1. Each city/county provides an annual base contribution to the Compact. How should it be structured (e.g. scaled based upon size, same for all members, each member determines its own contribution, other)?

Comments from launch event:

  • Need a single statewide membership organization to serve multiple functions
  • Base on size of community
  • Not just how much but what is the structural burden between small & large communities?
  • What resources will that specifically leverage?
  • Start with comfort level of contribution; size of town does not necessarily equal $$ invested
  • Tiered statewide membership to serve multiple functions
  • Tier based on benefits/ access to service, then base contributions accordingly
  • Adjust/credit required contributions based on the number of prospects/effectiveness

2. Would members be willing to engage with businesses and foundations in their communities who might be willing to provide support to the Compact or to sponsor Compact activities (e.g. workshops, conferences, publications)?

3. Are members comfortable with the Compact submitting grant applications to State, Federal and philanthropic organizations on their behalf?

Comments from launch event:

  • Concern about competition with existing or future local grant requests

4. Pro bono technical support will be provided by third-party organizations. Additional services can be procured and funded through the Compact as needed.

5. ACCO will serve as the funding and contract vehicle for third-party organizations that require funding to provide services to the Compact.

Comments from launch event:

  • How much goes to admin vs. grants, proposals, and project support?
  • Could be challenging for organizations pursuing additional funding for program delivery
  • Is funding complicated by too many hands in the pie?