Exam Payment & Registration Process:
  1. If you are not an ACCO premium member and/or have not already paid for an exam package, select from the pricing options below and process your payment (credit cards and PayPal accepted).
  2. Sign and submit the Non-Disclosure Agreement to exams@ACCOonline.org.
  3. Submit a request to access the exam(s) when you are prepared to take the exam(s).
  4. ACCO will send you instructions on how to access each exam.
  5. Once you begin an exam module, you will have 45 minutes to complete that module (unless otherwise stated in the instructions you receive).
  6. Upon completion of each exam, you will receive the results on the exam site (ACCO will also maintain records of all test results).
  7. After completing all four exam modules and elective requirements, you can proceed with submitting your application and supporting materials.

ACCO has simplified the pricing structure for the Certified Climate Change Professional® (CC-P®) credential. 

Upon paying the exam fee through the following options, ACCO requires you to submit the Non-Disclosure Agreement prior to gaining access to the exam.

The three pricing options for the exams are below. Please direct questions about the exams to exams@ACCOonline.org.

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