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ACCO Webinar Series:
Future CCOs Case Study Webinar: Coca-Cola's Advancement of Climate Protection Strategies
1:00pm - 2:00pm (eastern)
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From August 2013 to August 2014, The Coca-Cola Company participated in Future CCOsTM, ACCO's post-graduate climate fellowship program. The primary focus of the fellowship was an exploration of options for meeting and tracking the company's newest and most ambitious carbon emissions reduction goal, a reduction of the carbon footprint of the ‘drink in your hand’ of 25 percent by 2020 (compared to a 2010 baseline). The fellowship projected examined a variety of options the Company and its bottling partners – 250 independent operators across more than 200 countries and territories – could implement to position the company to meet its goal in the most economical and practical way.

Join ACCO and The-Coca-Cola Company on Friday, March 13 for a webinar case study on this project, including the company's findings and strategies for moving forward.


  • Bryan Jacob -- Director, Climate Protection, The Coca-Cola Company
  • Ran Tao -- Senior Manager, Sustainability Strategy, The Coca-Cola Company (former Future CCOs Fellow)
  • Philip Santiago -- Knowledge Center Manager, Association of Climate Change Officers



ACCO Webinar Series:
Learn About the New CCO Certification General Governance Certificate
12:00pm - 1:30pm (eastern)
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ACCO is pleased to unveil its first professional credential under the CCO Certification program: the Climate Governance Certificate. This certificate recognizes the capacity of senior executives and officials across sectors to make informed and strategic decisions on climate change related risks to the operations of an organization and its surrounding communities. For climate change professionals, this certificate can be used as a step toward the master-level CCO Designation. Upon completion of the requirements, bearers of the General Governance Certificate will have developed a fundamental understanding of climate science and risk assessment, footprint management and reduction strategies, project finance and economic analysis related to climate initiatives, governance and engagement tactics, and enterprise strategy.


  • Daniel Kreeger -- Executive Director, Association of Climate Change Officers
  • Phil Santiago -- Knowledge Center Program Manager, Association of Climate Change Officers
  • Julia Price Radice -- Member Projects Manager, Association of Climate Change Officers



4th Defense, National Security & Climate Change Symposium
Marriott Wardman Park Hotel (Washington, DC)
www.ClimateSecurity.US  |  #ACCOClimateSecurity


ACCO's 4th Defense, National Security & Climate Change Symposium will focus upon the growing efforts of U.S. defense, intelligence and national security communities on assessing and responding to climate change. With the recent publications of President Obama's executive order, a suite of Federal agency adaptation plans and recommendations from the Hurricane Sandy Task Force, this year's program will specifically address preparedness and resilience and the national security implications of climate change. The Symposium will also address operational and installation energy considerations and greenhouse gas reduction activities throughout the Department of Defense.



2015 Climate Strategies Forum
Washington Marriott at Metro Center (Washington, DC)
www.ClimateStrategiesForum.org  | 

The Climate Strategies Forum is ACCO's primary program offering half-day training sessions in conjunction with the CCO CertificationTM. The Forum also features a suite of keynote conversations in plenary format featuring senior executives and public officials. Attendees will bank foundational or continuing education credits for the CCO CertificationTM. The Forum also features career guidance activities, CCO RoundtableTM sessions, networking events and exhibition.  Whether you are a climate change, sustainability, corporate responsibility, or environmental professional, or working in areas impacted by climate change such as supply chain and facilities management, the Climate Strategies Forum provides leading edge professional development and training programs.


3rd Annual:
Rising Seas Summit
San Francisco Bay Area, California


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