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ACCO Adaptation Working Group Public Meeting

May 25, 2011
ACCO Headquarters
1900 K Street NW
Washington, DC


Remote participants will also be invited to participate by web conference.

Meeting Agenda Includes:

- Establishing tangible goals and action items for the group.

- Identifying partnership and collaboration opportunities with other related efforts in the non-profit and government sectors.

- Discussing a framework for research efforts designed to identify resources and tools needed by climate practitioners.

Registration/RSVP required.

As organizations move forward with strategies to deal with climate change, adaptation will be an integral part of ongoing strategic and operational decision-making. Climate risk management must promote resilience and incorporate sound adaptation planning that addresses actual or potential impacts, aligns with organizational objectives, identifies vulnerabilities and capitalizes on the potential opportunities presented by climate change.

To this end, the ACCO Adaptation Working Group will conduct focused intelligence gathering on the state of adaptation science and decision support methods to inform membership, both internationally and domestically, promote adaptation educational opportunities, help act as a bridge for adaptation into the mandate of other ACCO working groups and external organizations, and advise decision-makers on the implications of adaptation policy making, climate risk analysis, and related activities.

The Working Group will initially focus on three areas:

  • Effectively communicating climate science and climate change impacts;

  • Integrating adaptation into business and operating risk management; and

  • Assisting members in the development of regional adaptation strategies.

To initiate this process, the Adaptation Working Group will be conducting a survey of climate practitioners, sustainability officers and senior executives / officials in industry, Federal and sub-national government, academia and the non-profit community on climate change impacts, decision support methods, adaptation measures and priority needs.

Adaptation Working Group Co-Chairs

  • Brad May – Program Manager, Adaptation, Environment Canada

  • Michael Fanning – Manager, Env. Policy & Programs, U.S. Postal Service

  • Christine Baglin – Principal, AEA Group-Project Performance Corporation

  • Melissa Stults – Climate Director, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability USA

About ACCO Working Groups

Since January 2009, ACCO has fostered collaboration amongst climate practitioners and thought leaders on areas of convergent interest. ACCO’s cross-sector working groups are being formed to enable members to collaborate on challenging issues pertaining to climate change and related policy. These groups will collaborate with ACCO, with industry and government stakeholders, and with other interested NGOs to exchange, publish and/or promote findings. All working group members must be members of ACCO in good standing.

Staffing and Infrastructure

ACCO supports working groups through dedicated staff, interns and partnerships. Additionally, the adaptation working group will be supported by a dedicated fellowship, funded by Environment Canada. The fellowship’s primary responsibilities will include supporting and facilitating the working group’s activities, conducting research on behalf of the group’s co-chairs, authoring draft content, performing administrative support functions and serving as a liaison between the group’s co-chairs, ACCO leadership and external interested organizations.

The working group will be further supported by ACCO’s IT infrastructure, which includes CCO ConnectTM, a peer-to-peer collaboration network enabling ACCO groups to collaborate, task, calendar and share. Working group members will have exclusive access to materials and communications related to the group’s efforts. Additionally, ACCO will support regular meetings of the working group leveraging its partnership with Cisco WebEx, enabling web conference calls as frequently as necessary.

Eligibility Requirements

The public meeting is open to all parties interested in participating in the working group.  After the first meeting, participation in the working group requires that individuals meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • An individual member of ACCO;

  • An employee of an ACCO charter member;

  • An employee designated for participation by an ACCO partner;

  • An employee of the corresponding working group sponsor;

  • An ACCO Board of Advisory Board member; or

  • Invited to participate by an authorized representative of ACCO.

For more information, please contact:
Daniel Kreeger ( at 202-496-7390.

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